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The Scope of Activities of the Firm

  • Labor, Employment and Social Protection Laws & Regulations
    - Assistance in drafting employment contracts in compliance with local legislation & regulations.
    - Assistance in negotiating the Labor Chart before the labor authorities in order to get visas and work permits for expatriates.
    - Assistance in negotiating departures or lay offs.
    - Assistance in labor disputes and defending cases before labor jurisdictions.
    - Advice on employment protection and Social Security law and regulations.
  • Real Estate Law
    - Assistance in purchasing properties.
    - Advice and assistance in financing plans and taxation.
    - Advice and assistance in the formation of Real Estate companies.
    - Representation of the owner(s) before French authorities.
    - Assistance in applying for construction and building permits.
    - Litigation related to Real Estate disputes
  • International Arbitration
    - Assistance and representation in international and domestic arbitration, whether ad hoc or administered, whether in the conciliation process or the settlement of dispute proceedings.
    - J.-F. Rycx is enrolled as a panelist at the Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and is acting regularly as arbitrator.
  • Free Trade Zones
    - Consultation on the facilities and advantages offered by the State to those corporations, establishments and individuals seeking to locate in and conduct business in and/or from the Free Trade Zones existing in the United Arab Emirates.
    - Assistance in the creation and registration of Companies, establishments or businesses in any given Free Trade Zone in the area.
  • Legal Framework related to the Oil & Gas Industry
    - Consultation on the local regulations and legal organization of the Oil & Gas industry (Africa).
  • Personal Status (in France)
    - Consultation and assistance in French Family law.
    - Consultation on French laws and regulations pertaining to the acquisition of nationality, immigration procedures and work permits.

RYCX LEGAL CONSULTANTS is also working in close co-operation with other reputable lawyers and legal consultants whenever the case involves other areas of skill and expertise, especially when it is expected to involve domestic and local judiciary proceedings.


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