– Consultation on the facilities and protection offered to foreign investors by local legislation and regulations.

– Assistance in obtaining business license(s) from local authorities.

– Advice and assistance in creating all types of corporate structures offered by local legislations, such as companies (in the framework of cross-border Joint Venture for example), or branch offices or representative offices.

– Advice and assistance in procedures of acquisition, equity participations in local companies and equity transactions, including Due Diligence and Legal Opinion.

– Incorporation of Free Zone Companies and Offshore companies.

– Incorporation of Foundations.

– Advice and assistance through the negotiation and drafting of industrial and commercial agreements, such as but not limited to Joint Venture agreements, Shareholders agreements or Side agreements, License agreements & Transfer of technology, Agency or Distribution agreements, Master Procurement contracts with delivery.

– Consultation on the compliance of the provisions of contracts with the governing local legislation & regulations.

– Consultation on the local legislation & regulations pertaining to banking (loans and L/C), financial and insurance activities.

– Facilities offered to such activities in the Free Zones.

– The Firm is currently developing strong business ties with the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) and the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

Legal Advice on matters related to digital currencies regulations.

– Advice for French individuals and companies in relation to French tax authorities.

– Application of the French/UAE and French/KSA double tax treaties.

– Tax residency certificate in the UAE.

– Advice on local legislation & regulations related to patents, trademarks, design and models.

– Assistance in assignment and licensing of industrial property rights, applications for the registration and the renewal of industrial property.

– Assistance in drafting employment contracts in compliance with local legislation & regulations.

– Assistance in negotiating the Labor Chart before the labor authorities in order to get visas and work permits for expatriates.

– Assistance in negotiating departures or lay offs.

– Assistance in labor disputes and defending cases before labor jurisdictions.

– Advice on employment protection and Social Security law and regulations.

– Assistance in purchasing properties.

– Advice and assistance in financing plans and taxation.

– Advice and assistance in the formation of Real Estate companies.

– Representation of the owner(s) before French authorities.

– Assistance in applying for construction and building permits.

– Litigation related to Real Estate disputes and Project Management.

– Assistance in drafting contracts of construction, archite cture, brokerage and all contracts related to construction.

– Assistance and representation in international and domestic arbitration, whether ad hoc or administered, whether in the conciliation process or the settlement of dispute proceedings (ICC, DIAC, LCIA, etc.).

– J.-F. Rycx and P.-Y. Lucas have been appointed as arbitrator.

– Consultation on the facilities and advantages offered by the State to those corporations, establishments and individuals seeking to locate in and conduct business in and/or from the Free Trade Zones existing in the United Arab Emirates.

– Assistance in the creation and registration of Companies, establishments or businesses in any given Free Trade Zone in the area.

– Consultation on the local regulations and legal organization of the Oil & Gas industry (Africa).

– Assistance in drafting and negotiating contracts in Oil Gas and Defense Industry.

– Consultation and assistance in French Family law.

– Consultation on French laws and regulations pertaining to divorce, marriage, and work permits. 

– Organization and follow up of any judicial procedure related to France.

– Will and probates.

Our office is in capacity to organize and  manage all judicial and arbitration proceedings in France/UAE and KSA by taking in consideration the specific regulations that are related to the representation of the clients in the corresponding countries.

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